Illegal Aliens Receive Rent Subsidies

by on April 5th, 2004

(Washington, D.C.) Foreign nationals are flooding the United States illegally because they know they can find work and because they’ll receive free health and education benefits immediately. And now, it seems they can also count on help with their rent. According to this story, in Arlington County, Virginia, and Montgomery County, Maryland, 2,500 rent-assistance grants worth more than $6 million are being doled out to illegal aliens every year.

The authorities say they check to see if everyone is a citizen by asking them. Well, guess what? They’ll lie to you. They’ve already broken the law by entering illegally. What possible reason would there be for them to be honest to the stupid Americans? Am I wrong to view the actions of the illegals as theft from the American taxpayer?

With the recent ruling by the World Court which states that Mexicans charged with crimes in the US must have legal representation from Mexico, and the free health, free education, and now, rent subsidies, it sure seems like the illegals will soon have more rights and benefits than US citizens.

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Mike Pechar