InstaPundit blogger axes puppy to death (humor)

by on November 21st, 2003

After a lengthy argument with the InstaWife, Glenn Reynolds, the exalted blogfather and InstaPundit emperor, axed her cute little puppy to death. It all started when she asked her husband to help set up her own weblog.

“I just wanted to start my own blog,” she told eTALKINGHEAD. “But he marched right over and hacked Mr. Bojangles into little pieces. It was only a matter of time–we all know of his affinity for puppy blood, and for blogosphere dominance.”

Reynolds, a well-known blogger and puppy-blending fanatic, has established blogging dominance by posting 900 times daily.

“You shall not challenge my blogging dominance!” he ordered of the InstaWife, blood dripping from the axe as he filled his favorite blender with puppy remains. “I’m the only important blogger in the blogosphere. Why should anyone else start their own? I post more times daily than the average blogger does in a year. They’re pathetic, just pathetic.”

Other bloggers were unavailable for comment, surely hoarding their puppies close for fear of their imminent death at the hands of the puppy slasher.

“All of my blogging minions should be so lucky to have me hack and blend their puppies,” Reynolds emphatically told eTALKINGHEAD.

What else can we expect from the man that loves puppies so much?

Update: Glenn calls it character assassination. But it’s all in jest.

Etalkinghead Staff