Iran: Ready for war

by on January 20th, 2005

(CBS/AP) Iran has plans to defend itself should the United States make any aggressive moves, President Mohammad Khatami said Thursday, but he added that the possibility of an attack “is very low” because Washington has too many problems in Iraq.

Khatami’s remarks in an interview with state-run television marked the most senior response to recent reports suggesting the United States may be considering military action against Iran.

“The possibility of a U.S. attack against Iran is very low. We think America is not in a position to take a lunatic action of attacking Iran,” Khatami said. “The U.S. is deeply engaged in Iraq.”

But he added, “We move forward with full vigilance. We don’t welcome any tension but if, God forbid, it commits an act of aggression, we have prepared ourselves. We have plans for it.”

He did not elaborate on how Iran would respond or defend itself.

Etalkinghead Staff