Iraq attacks down since Saddam capture

by on January 12th, 2004

Only days after Saddam Hussein’s capture by U.S. troops in Iraq, presidential candidate Howard Dean used the news to say that we’re not any safer.

“[T]he capture of Saddam has not made America safer.”

But tell that to the troops in Iraq, who are now 22 percent safer than they were before the capture of Saddam.

Attacks against coalition forces in Iraq have dropped 22% in the four weeks since Saddam Hussein’s capture, military records show.

Now that Saddam is out of the picture, the resistance to a new and democratic Iraq has indeed lessened. The threat that, by some freak accident, Saddam will again rise to power is now gone. And those fighting against the United States though fear of reprisal by the deposed dictator are now free to choose. And they’re choosing freedom.

Etalkinghead Staff