Iraq may need UN support but not approval

by on April 7th, 2004

John Kerry two days ago unveiled an Iraq plan that requires UN approval.

“I regret that this administration has not been willing to be less ideological and more practical on behalf of the American people and the global interests that are represented there,” Kerry said Monday.

However, Kerry’s assumption rests on the inherently flawed assumption that something is right only if approved by others. If that were truly the case, slavery would still be in practice today. The reason the U.N has proven themselves irrelevant is because they are unwilling to deviate from the politically correct.

They have failed time and again to prove their relevance in this post-Cold War world–a world of rogue nations, if you will–and their inaction will be the death of the United Nations as a global force.

Indeed, their promises are empty and their threats and statements hollow.

But for UN critics, this is no new news. They understand that the UN is only as powerful as its supporters. Without support, this ineffective body carries with it no compliance and no respect.

In the end, maybe we should utilize the UN for strategic purposes. After all, with the rest of the world screaming foul, we might do well by bringing the UN on board. But it won’t be for any purpose besides a PR battle.

Besides, any financial assistance provided by the UN is 25 percent our money anyway.

Etalkinghead Staff