Iraq new president: U.S. forces required until ‘no danger’

by on April 11th, 2005

WASHINGTON, April 11, 2005 – The Iraqi government will require “American and other allied forces in Iraq … until we will be assured that there will be no danger” of terrorists intervening in Iraqi internal affairs, Iraq’s new president said April 10 in Baghdad.

Still, Iraq is rebuilding its military and security forces “as soon as possible,” Jalal Talabani told CNN’s “Late Edition” host Wolf Blitzer.

Talabani, who was elected president by Iraq’s parliament on April 6, predicted that a U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq could occur “within two years.” But he cautioned that any removal of U.S. troops from Iraq would be predicated on “many factors,” such as securing the country from terrorism and internal strife.

Etalkinghead Staff