Iraq war veteran criticizes Bush on radio

by on May 3rd, 2004

A veteran of the Iraq war over the weekend voiced his concerns about how things seem to be falling apart in Iraq. His message was part of the Democratic radio address, aired weekly as a rebuttal to President Bush’s own address.

Of Bush, he said, “I don’t expect our leaders to be free of mistakes. I expect our leaders to own up to them.”

Fair enough. I agree some admission of failure should be made for some of the shortcomings in Iraq, but what irks me is that criticism such as this is less about policy than the use of an Iraq war veteran by Democrats to make inroads with Bush’s detractors.

Case in point, last Oct. the same solider said incredible strides had been made in Iraq.

But now his tune has changed. He chalked it up to being on active duty, but the nature in which his most recent comments were made leave too much up to the imagination.

So what about those strides? Apparently they’ve been forgotten. And this veteran isn’t the only one to have a memory failure.

Indeed, only in an election year.

Etalkinghead Staff