Iraqi prisoners abused ‘for fun’

by on August 3rd, 2004

FORT BRAGG, N.C. (Reuters) – U.S. troops who abused Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison did it “just for fun,” a military investigator testified on Tuesday in a hearing for a female soldier photographed holding a naked Iraqi on a leash.

Pfc. Lynndie England, visibly pregnant, appeared on the opening day of the military-court hearing, which will determine whether she will be tried for the prisoner abuse that outraged the Arab world.

England wore a camouflage uniform, black boots and beret as she entered the Fort Bragg courthouse moments before the hearing began, ignoring dozens of media cameras and reporters. Inside the courtroom, she answered “Yes Ma’am” and “No Ma’am” to simple questions from Col. Denise Arn, the investigating officer, about the charges.

Etalkinghead Staff