Iraqis march against terrorism

by on December 5th, 2003

Taking a page from the tactics of liberal activists in the States, Iraqi women and children took to the streets of Baghdad against Iraqi terrorists.

Carrying banners blaming Saddam loyalists for ”terrorism,” the demonstrators marched down one of Baghdad’s busiest streets before gathering in Firdos Square, where a statue of Saddam was famously pulled down as U.S. troops drove into the heart of the capital in April.

”We organised this demonstration because the terrorists now kill a lot of people,” said Abdul Aziz Al-Yassiri, coordinator of the Iraqi Democratic Trend, a recently formed social group.

It’s good to see that they’re calling the terrorists for what they are, and feel the need to march against such tactics. Some in America would do well to take notice and march against terrorism themselves. But they’re too busy marching against George W. Bush to do the right thing.

Etalkinghead Staff