Jim McDermott: Saddam capture convenient

by on December 16th, 2003

Baghdad Jim is in yet more hot water after comments he made accusing the Bush administration of conveniently capturing Saddam last Saturday. In case you don’t remember, he’s the congressman whose only purpose in visiting Baghdad prior to the Iraq war was to criticize Bush.

Asked if he thought the weekend capture was timed to help Bush, McDermott chuckled and said, “Yeah. Oh, yeah.”

McDermott went on to say, “There’s too much by happenstance for it to be just a coincidental thing.”

Which begs the question: When, exactly, would have been a worse time to capture Saddam? Maybe he would rather our military wait until after the ’04 elections? But I doubt anyone’s taking good ol’ Jim seriously. For the sake of rationality, at least I hope so.

Etalkinghead Staff