Jimmy Carter to the Rescue?

by on February 14th, 2004

The Discoshaman has introduced an idea that the Democrats may want to consider if John Kerry’s peccadilloes become too much of a negative. What better candidate could there be than someone with experience at the job and a winner of the Nobel Prize? Jimmy Carter would be perfect.

He would appeal to some Southerners and evangelicals. The anti-war folks, along with the UN, the Europeans, and the Africans, love him. He could cite the Camp David Accords as qualifying him to resolve all conflict in the Middle East, all the while mentioning his Nobel Peace Prize. And, Carter leans left in just about everything and this is consistent with the Democratic leadership’s stance on most issues.

When Senator Robert Toricelli got into trouble running for reelection to the US Senate in New Jersey, the Democrats pulled him for pinch candidate and ex-Senator Frank Lautenberg who went on to win the seat. Why not do the same if John Kerry stumbles? Put wizened veteran Jimmy Carter on the playing field and see if he can hit a home run.

Of course, a Carter campaign would be attacked by that picky group of voters that remember his previous administration provided 20 percent mortgage interest rates and 12 percent inflation.

Mike Pechar