John Kerry is really in tune with my fun side!

by on March 19th, 2004

What is John Kerry doing!? Perhaps he is having second thoughts about this presidency thing and is trying everything he can to muddle his image. NY Times journalist David Halbfinger’s latest column paints a comical picture of Kerry’s escape to Sun Valley, Idaho for some fun in the snow. I am sure Halbfinger plans to vote for Kerry, but the airy tone of the article exposes a general confusion over the merits of this latest PR stunt. First, we had to watch Kerry rip into Jay Leno’s studio on a Harley he had never before touched. If you thought he was out of his element on a bike, the AP photos of Kerry on a snowboard only serve to step up the hilarity.

Kerry is falling prey to the obvious over calculation he injects into every action he takes. Remember how foolish Bush made a similarly self-conscious Al Gore look in the 2000 debates? Soon you will hear the pundits explain how Kerry just has to be himself – but after 30 years in politics, he probably long ago forgot who that person is…

Michael Hussey