Judge Robert Schnider

by on June 29th, 2004

Judge Robert Schnider is the Democrat judge who might have just lost the election for John Kerry.

Editorial: Unsealing of divorce records a slippery slope

The unsealing of divorce court records of a Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Illinois could impact the presidential aspirations of Sen. John Kerry, who has his own divorce records under seal in Massachusetts.

I think it is safe to assume Kerry’s divorce records will eventually be unsealed. All divorces are nasty, and Kerry’s is rumored to be especially so. Could the sordid details of the divorce turn off a small percentage of those sitting on the fence? With the race expected to be as close as the 2000 election, it may just take a small percentage of turned-off voters to ultimately determine who wins this election.

Judge Schnider: “The openness of court files must be maintained, so that the public ..can be assured that there is no favoritism shown to the rich and powerful.”

While it was an effective way to destroy the repbulican Jack Ryan’s senatorial bid, do you think the Judge considered the greater implications of his ruling?

Michael Hussey