Kerry campaigns for youth vote

by on April 13th, 2004

In focusing on the college crowd, Kerry’s campaign released a study arguing that 220,000 youngsters have been shut out of college because of soaring tuition. The study blames that on state cuts in higher education spending.

At a noisy campus rally, Kerry renewed his call for a comprehensive commitment to national service by all, telling the approximately 1,000 students that “change starts with you.” He proposed linking tuition assistance and service.

“With college tuition rising higher this year than ever before, it’s time to make four years of college affordable and available to every single young American,” Kerry said. “We’ll help you pay for school, and we’ll help even more if you’re willing to serve your country. And together, we’ll make 2004 the last year that debt and dollar signs come before degrees and dreams for the future.”

Etalkinghead Staff