Kerry the strongest candidate

by on February 5th, 2004

Can nothing stop the Kerry train?

Days after his very good showing in Tuesday’s primaries–winning five and placing in the top three in two others–John Kerry is undoubtedly on top of the Democratic Party. Conversely, once the front-runner, Howard Dean seems to be headed toward the abyss of forgotten presidential candidates. His latest statement is evidence enough of the loser-worry encompassing the Dean campaign.

“The entire race has come down to this: We must win Wisconsin. . . . Anything else will put us out of the race.”

We’ll see, but Kerry’s by far the strongest candidate and is closing in quickly on Dean’s once large lead in Wisconsin in spite of Dean spending $40 million on his campaign. Kerry’s on a roll, and his most recent endorsement from former presidential candidate Richard Gephardt may be just what the Doctor didn’t order–Dr. Dean, that is.

But even if Dean is destined to lose, don’t think his influence will leave along with him. He has moved the Democratic Party debate to the left, and even if he’s not around in person, his ideas will be. Indeed, with constant media focus and attention, it will be ever-hard for candidates to shift back to the center for the general election. Like it or not, Dean is here to stay.

Etalkinghead Staff