Kerry vs Kerry

by on February 6th, 2004

Since I don’t believe in starting small for my first post here I thought I would tackle Dustin Frelich’s question, “Can nothing stop the Kerry train?” I think there is probably only one person in the Democrat party who stop John Kerry. John Kerry.

Rarely has there been a candidate who has taken so many different and opposing positions on so many different issues as Kerry. I know that hypocrisy and out right bald face lying are not uncommon in politics, but Kerry takes these political norms to new heights. As an example, consider this speech Kerry delivered in 1992 and recently posted to the WSJ Opinion Journal (requires free registration).

Commenting on the 1992 presidential campaign Kerry said the following:

I am saddened by the fact that Vietnam has yet again been inserted into the campaign

A decade latter, Kerry has made his service in Vietnam a cornerstone of his campaign. He has done so because sees his military service as a shield protecting him from any criticism on what will probably be the biggest issue in the presidential race – national security.

You have to wonder if as Kerry dances around the Michael Moore/Wesley Clark assertion that George Bush was a deserter, coming just close enough lend his name to the the accusation but never quite landing on it with both feet, if he remembers this portion of his ’92 speech:

But while those who served are owed special recognition, that recognition should not come at the expense of others; nor does it require that others be victimized or criticized or said to have settled for a lesser standard.

And when Kerry fills a stage with fellow veterans does this line from that speech pop into the back of his mind:

We certainly do not need something as complex and emotional as Vietnam reduced to simple campaign rhetoric.

The sad truth of the state of the Democrats is that there is probably no one running who can stop Kerry from winning the nomination, but that probably doesn’t matter. The Kerry train will be derailed in the general election.

Stephen Macklin