Kerry’s money from special interests

by on February 2nd, 2004

With one more day to go before primaries in seven states, presidential candidate John Kerry is all set to fight against Washington interests to claim the Democratic nomination. There’s just one problem: Kerry would need to toss himself out were he to get the nod.

Indeed, Kerry has amassed hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars from lobbyists during his campaign for president.

Howard Dean jumped on him late last week for just this.

“Turns out we have more than one Republican in the Democratic race,” Dean said. “I’ve already said that (retired Gen. Wesley) Clark was a Republican. Now it turns out John Kerry has the same financing habits.”

Gross mischaracterizations about the nature of Republicans aside–both parties are well known for being beholden to interests–Dean’s got a point. Kerry does have some questionable habits. And because of the way he has spoken about Washington interests, he’s got some explaining to do.

Even Edwards is now joining in on the hit parade, a candidate that has for the most part stayed above the political fray.

“If we want real change in Washington, we need someone who hasn’t been there for 20 years,” said Edwards.

Can Kerry survive this? We’ll have to wait and see tomorrow.

Etalkinghead Staff