Many Iraq hostages not because of Iraq war

by on April 12th, 2004;:407ab903:30ed9f3343e75ae8?type=worldNews&locale=en_IN&storyID=4804183

While only one American is known to be a hostage and the one known British captive has been released, Asians from nations which stood on the sidelines of combat make up most of the more than a score of foreigners reported abducted in recent days.

The seizure of seven Chinese nationals is the latest incident that has some Asian countries questioning their roles in helping rebuild Iraq.


Seven South Korean church pastors were taken captive last week but freed later the same day. Three Pakistanis, two Turks, an Indian, a Nepali and a Filipino were also kidnapped but detained only briefly before being released.

A Palestinian and a Canadian of Syrian origin are believed still held.

As missionaries, journalists, human rights activists or contract workers, most of those taken captive appear to have had little connection with the military, perhaps making them easy targets.

Etalkinghead Staff