Martha Guilty of Highlighting Her Detractors’ Insecurities

by on March 5th, 2004

Martha Stewart is now somehow guilty of one count of conspiracy, two counts of making false statements and one count of obstruction of agency proceedings, but the real conspiracy lies in the motives behind each party that tore down this woman. The only people who deserve to be behind bars are the envious scum who led to the destruction of one of the most productive and amazing women in the history of the world.

When it was obvious there was no case for the original charges of “insider trading,” the government parasites moved quickly to save face by trumping up charges, arguing that Martha lied about a crime they knew they could never prove she committed. The jury, filled with the same envious cruelty as the government prosecutors, bought the lie and today sealed Martha’s fate.

While the government has spent many millions of dollars prosecuting a woman who did not want to lose money (somehow a crime in America, of all places), it is hardly ever mentioned that Martha’s decision to sell the stock was actually a poor business decision. Imclone’s share price has since risen well beyond her original selling price. Regardless, the amount of stock in question is inconsequential since she committed no crime.

Martha created a multi-billion dollar enterprise out of nothing but her vision and determination. Her business genius and the profits she has generated have supported tens of thousands of families over many years. She has inspired millions of mere mortals around the globe to take pride in their possessions and encouraged people to enjoy the little things in life. Her legendary business accomplishments pale what most people will ever accomplish in a hundred lifetimes – and that is why those who lack a sense of self-esteem hate her.

The ideals and style that Martha espouses highlight within her detractors what they hate most about themselves. Instead of introspecting to discover why Martha makes them feel so badly, they only seek to destroy the menace, and that is their real motivation. Seek and destroy the “cause” of my problems, “since it can’t be my fault I hate myself.” What better weapon is there for a self-loather to take down their enemies, than the government’s monopoly on force? This is why so many scumbags are attracted to a career in politics – since they cannot convince you with a handshake to agree with them, they will force you to follow with government guns behind them.

Michael Hussey