Media downplays Bush lead over Kerry

by on September 24th, 2004

Terry Neal of the Washington Post today suggests that the presidential race is getting close — too close, in fact, to declare Bush a clear leader.

At least two new polls suggest the race is getting back to neck-and-neck. Among the most credible is the George Washington University Battleground 2004 Poll, which is conducted by a group of top Republican and Democratic pollsters. That poll shows Bush with 49 percent to Kerry’s 45 percent. The poll’s margin of error is 3.1 percent, so Bush’s lead is just outside that margin.

However, two other polls, one an Associated Press poll, the other a new CBS poll, show Bush leading by seven and eight points.

In an Associated Press poll, Bush has a seven-point lead over Kerry — 52 percent to 45 percent among likely voters — less than six weeks before the Nov. 2 election. Independent Ralph Nader was backed by 1 percent.


Bush holds an eight-point lead over Kerry among registered voters in a new CBS poll, but one in four voters says next week’s debate could be decisive. Bush led Kerry by 49 percent to 41 percent in the nationwide poll released Thursday night. Last week, Bush led by 50 percent to 41 percent in a CBS poll. Among likely voters, the poll found Bush holding a 51 percent to 42 percent lead.

Looks like the he’s fishing for results. But one only has to look so hard to find the truth.

Etalkinghead Staff