Michael Moore Vs The Truth

by on May 7th, 2004

Like the War on Terror, filmmaker Michael Moore’s War on the Truth has been a long and complex campaign fought on many fronts. And like all great conflicts you win some battles and you lose some battles.

Moore created a fiction filled “documentary” about the Columbine school shootings which garnered him an academy award. He won that battle. Recently with his staunch allies of the press at his side he took on the truth again and the truth fought back. And the truth won.

In an effort to gin up a little free publicity for his upcoming anti-Bush propaganda film, Moore painted the Disney decision preventing its Miramax division from distributing the film as a last minute attempt to avoid the displeasure of George and Jeb Bush. His theory is that Jeb threatened to take away tax breaks Disney receives in Florida.

The only real problem with all of this for Moore is that it’s all lies. The tax breaks that Disney receives in Florida are based on a legislatively established formula that as Governor, Jeb Bush is powerless to change. There is also the the truth that Moore knew of the Disney decision a year ago.

Moore has succeeded in generating a little publicity though not all of it good. He has also succeeded in damaging what little credibility he had.

Stephen Macklin