Microsoft allows blocked blogs to be viewable in other nations

by on February 2nd, 2006

Brad Smith, Microsoft’s senior lawyer, said it would now remove blog entries only if it gets a “legally binding notice” from the government of that nation. Entries will also be removed if they break the MSN Spaces terms of use.

He added that only people in the nation where the entry breaks local laws will be blocked from seeing the controversial comments. In all other nations access to the entry will be unrestricted.

Microsoft is currently implementing this nation-based blocking system in the infrastructure for its MSN Spaces service.

Users will also be told when their blog entries are being blocked.

Microsoft said that currently there were more than 35 million blogs on MSN Spaces which has more than 90 million unique users every month.

At the same time the software giant called for a wider debate on the best principles that those running blog services should adhere to.

Etalkinghead Staff