New ad shows Dean’s naivete

by on January 22nd, 2004

Presidential candidate Howard Dean’s got to change his image. After his rebel yell, Democrats are going to be looking for a saner Dean, someone they feel they can trust as president of the United States.

Good. He’s paying attention.

His new image involves cleaning up his act. Less negativity and not as much abrasiveness. Good for him, but if he thinks his lacking appeal to the American people rests solely on his demeanor, he’s got another thing coming. A new ad airing in New Hampshire shows the Dean campaign for what it really is: incompatible with American opinion.

[The ad] talks about how he spoke out against the Iraq war and President Bush’s economic plan. “Saying the politically popular thing is easy, but is that really what America needs now?” an announcer says.

Let me get this straight: America doesn’t need what America wants? Why, thank you for ignoring our opinions, Dr. Dean. It’s precisely this kind of elitism that makes Dean so unappealing, and why so many Americans choose not to support a man that vows to act contrary to their opinions.

And Dean wonders why he lost Iowa.

Etalkinghead Staff