Newsweek: Younger voters will tune out Democratic convention

by on July 24th, 2004

According to a recent Newsweek poll, younger voters prefer the liberal Kerry over the conservative Bush 48-41. The under-30s also overwhelmingly say (90 percent) that it matters who wins this November’s election.

But they’re not planning on tuning in to next week’s Democratic convention.

Although 90 percent of them believe that it “matters” who wins the White House race, barely a quarter (24 percent) say they will watch most or all of the Democratic Party national convention this week.


While 29 percent of registered Democrats and Democratic leaners intend to watch convention coverage, just over half as many Republicans (17 percent) will also be tuning in. Declared independent voters appeared to be the least interested, with nearly half of them (41 percent) claiming to have no intention of watching.

Why? Like many, I’m sure they can do without the week-long propaganda machine that is a political party’s convention. And with the practice of choosing a nominee or even a running mate long gone, today’s political conventions are not much more than extravagant schmooze-fests for the political class.

Who wants to tune in to that? I’ll pass. And unsurprisingly enough, others are thinking the same thing.

Show me a political convention with beef and I’ll show you a tuned-in audience.

Etalkinghead Staff