Non-Retraction: US vs. Sweden

by on July 22nd, 2004

A particular Swede, who has apparently doused an all-American woman with camphor and drug her to Sweden where she must spend all day catering to the illiterate drunkards that make up the country, has alerted me to an error in my U.S. vs Sweden post below.


in you article “US vs Sweden” you have made a fool of your self when

saying “Hmmm. They apparently have more men. That must be because Swedish women come to America when they get tired of nancy boys” when analysing the figures of sex ratio. Since Sweden have 0,97 ratio and us have 0,98 it’s actually the other way around. Sweden have more females per each man than the US. Apparantly it’s the US women who go to sweden when they get tired of all fat and uneducated men in the US who not are able to do their math properly. One us women has falen for me – my wife….

The above can easly be calculated and controlled with the figures you have given under “age structure”

Please correct your statement and feel free to publish this letter on your

site if you have the curage to admit you error.

Now, I’m not one to make fun of a Swede who is not writing in his native language (unless, of course, he says “bork bork bork” a lot), but surely people with even rudimentary English skills can understand that I was listing the U.S. numbers first and then the Swedish.

My statement stands, and I look forward to writing a scathing critique of Swedish society as soon as I finish that on America.

I.J. Reilly