Obama and His Faithful’s Charge Into Socialism

by on March 3rd, 2009

The Obama faithful, as well as, their leader is finding that governing has nothing to do with campaigning. While in the midst of a political campaign the contender can accuse, vilify, and repeat scurrilous nonsense with near impunity. The contender can promise emphasis, de-emphasis, rhetorically dance and circle around an important issue with innuendoes of magical metaphors. But in the trenches of governing one cannot fool all the people all of the time-President Obama is about to learn an old and true lesson-when governing don’t exaggerate, don’t promise what one cannot deliver and never lie. That is a factual of such veracity he cannot skip over, walk around or dodge.

He has in short order alienated all of those who did not vote for him but had hoped that he would govern from the political center. His prior Iraqi policy of immediate disengagement has disappeared in favor of the Bush policy; he has summarily ordered 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan. The financial markets are not only disenchanted but downright hostile to his economic policy and have declared, by their actions, his stimulus package ineffective. His treasury department has yet to define with specificity a policy regarding the banking or mortgage crisis.

On one side of his mouth the president flatly states the dire financial circumstances of the nation and after submitting his budget he declares his administration’s confidence in substantial growth just one year from now. If that is not a conflicting statement that certainly begs the question: Exactly what is the present economic situation? If that is not the right question then we need to change the meaning of the word conflicting.

Can this guy actually pull this off? Can he beguile and cajole the Democratic Party including the ‘blue dog’ conservatives? He certainly has won over the media, the young, the naive, and those that have less than those who have more; this Obama period of change is certainly disruptive to those who do not fit into Obama’s descriptive of the people.

The president is a socialist; an ideological leftist who has the intention of moving this nation into a socialistic democracy. He did not run a campaign on that agenda, but what’s new about that?

Mr. Obama and his faithful wants’ the government to make all material decisions; he has no belief in the decisions of individuals. He has proposed a limit on charitable gifts because he does not want the individual to make that decision. He has decided to eliminate mortgage deductions on homes above a certain value because of his obsession with taking from those who have more wealth then he thinks is appropriate. He wants to utilize billions of tax dollars for economic stimulus but that stimulus package obviously does not include those taxi drivers, food servers, laborers, keno runners, bartenders, and all the other blue collar employees in Las Vegas. Didn’t Nevada vote blue? Now talk about stupid?

Frankly, I am very concerned that this guy and his faithful will have a devastating effect on this nation’s economic and eventual military dominance; he really is a dangerous fellow.

William Robert Barber