Obama the Anointed One is Dead Wrong

by on March 2nd, 2009

By means extraordinary, as if foretold in the contextual of an ancient Homeric narrative, the protagonist confronts a series of heretofore invincible dragons. Obama the Inexperienced and Untested; faced and defeated the dragon of the highly improbable, sometimes known as the dragon of it will never happen and along with the dragon of against all odds he submits this nation’s electoral to his affirmative as President of the United States. Achilles would have been proud and envious of Obama’s recent achievements.

His disciples declare his brilliance. Noting how well he speaks the faithful find comfort in his continuance of electability because they know that rhetoric trumps substance; besides, few of the listeners and viewers understand the workings of high finance, global economics nor do they find particular interest in military dynamics, strategy and tactics as such effects and reflects on American’s international obligations. It is so much easier to simply listen and obey.

Obama has no experience but then as enunciated in the presidential campaign Obama has judgment. Besides for experience Obama has his advisors, cabinet, agencies, but then, of course the dragon killer, sorry, the dragon negotiator or tamer and eventual friend of all dragons needs only cursory assistance because he is armed with super-human persuasion, Zen-like insight on reasonableness, plus, Obama has the sixth sense of savvy on all things distanced from the mundane to the heavenly sublime. His persuasion is so awesome that Democrats in congress did not need to read the stimulus bill to vote yes and of course they ratified the largest spending bill ever implemented in the shortest of time.

I do not want to over emphasis his power of persuasion, since, he does have a nice smile, his manner is civil, his grandmother white; his mother was a dedicated liberal who married a black man from Africa; he did graduate from Harvard Law School and oh yes he was a community organizer. The aggregate of these attributes logically enhance the measure of his sum.

Obama the protagonist is thus far the prime mover of his destiny. No other Democrat has his charismatic sway and since the media, a majority of Americans, as well as, the peoples of the world measure their regard for this man somewhere between love and adore to worship and follow him off the cliff or into the darkness of the unknown; the Democrats are quite pleased that their liberator from greedy capitalism; the anointed savior of socialism has finally returned to earth.

But imagine this: Obama’s policies, ideals, political philosophy, behavior understanding of business 101, and international reality is dead wrong. He is wrong on taxing the wealthy, wrong on healthcare, wrong on bailing out the auto industry, the banks are taking the government for a ride down a windy road and he is seriously wrong in motivating risk takers to take risk.Obama lives in a novel of socialistic wish it was and someday going to be…The true value of America is found in the individual not the collective. Less governing by government is more freedom for Americans. We conservatives must blow the horn, beat the drums, we must rally and force these liberals out of office in the next election. Obama must not be allowed to succeed in the transference of America the traditional to America of Obama’s design.

William Robert Barber