Of Boxer, Kerry and Rice and Doing the Business of The People

by on January 24th, 2005

Thank you, Barbara Boxer. Thank you, John Kerry. Thank you for reminding us that we have a system of checks and balances in this nation and for good reason. Check. Your move, George.

Yes, it’s time once again for the ringmaster to poke a stick in the eye of many (perhaps most?) of my more conciliatory comrades. This time the unfortunate targets of my jab glare forth from those centrists lambasting what is being cast as cheap partisan stonewalling on the Rice nomination for Secretary of State. Pardon me, just plucking the beam from your gaze that surely must be obscuring your view. It must be so else the thoroughly justified tactics exercised by Boxer and Kerry would be as obvious to other political realists as to myself. I’m sure of it.

How could it be otherwise when a woman who largely ignored, even dismissed the threat of al-Qaeda pre 9/11, even though clear warnings were communicated to her, is about to be confirmed for such a critical foreign policy position? What could those Senate Democrats so eager to confirm be but blind when they intend to deliver the crucial foreign affairs of the sole world superpower into the grasping hands of one who has thus far served as unswerving, unexamined and unrepentant cheerleader while her boss willfully mislead this nation and the world into his disastrous Iraq adventure? Where’s the outrage? And given the dogmatic unilateral nature of the Bush Administration foreign policy approach thus far, where indeed is the moderation?

Thus are our heroes, B and K quite rightly, if cynically, doing the business of the people and the constitution. As dubya oh so cynically railed against tyranny on his inaugural, two lonely Senators were conspiring to actually check tyrannical power in it’s jack-booted tracks.

Good and good I say. Another arrogant bully frustrated, if only temporarily. We will have our debate. The festering wound of the Bush cabal’s secretive and manipulative process will be exposed if only a little to the cleansing light of democratic scrutiny.

This is no “Whitewater” under the bridge affair. This is not just politics (not just). This is about an ongoing tragedy engineered by that inner circle Rice inhabits. People are dying. Lives and places are being destroyed in real time. This is LIVE at 5. This debate needs to happen. This is democracy.

Got democracy?

Kit Robinson