Open Letter to a Socialist Academe

by on November 1st, 2005

My Dear Socialist Preceptor, My Dear Academic Post


I don’t feel that we understand my motives and interests concerning the subject of Globalization and the Neoliberal Agenda.

Neoliberalism, naturally, is a phenomena that South American activists appreciate and articulate as the basis of World Globalization. While there is a certain truth to that, I feel all so called ‘Activists’ and reactionaries fail to understand the deeper precincts and foundations of the inevitable and transforming giant: The New World Order.

I find, with demonstrated justification, that simple partisan arguments and ideological bases for discussing The New World Order is a misguided approach to the compelling reality.

It is well to be a Socialist: after all we are all human, and we all must help each other, and we must all toast to the Internationale and its concept of Kameradschaft.

But let us not neglect where Socialism originated as an idea and as an agenda, far less humanitarian, and far more pratical: Socialism and Marxism, both had evolved from the ‘study rooms’ of Germany, where a group of German and certain French thinkers coordinated to create a policy of European, vis a vis, Global administration based on certain sociological principles. Also on the same emphatic note, let us not make the mistake to forget Adam Weishaupt, and Christian Rosenkratz.

There was however, a schism between these two groups at one point between the so called ‘East’ and the ‘West’, which created a massive mobilization of slave-citizens of Europe, creating revolutions and wars across the peculiar European continet.

I suppose we could call it sinister, but some would also call it inevitable: It was bio-power and biopolitics (not really known by those names in those days) that allowed this massive mobilization.

It was clear by the time of Bismark, that the consciousness of the masses have fallen behind the consciousness of the elite thinkers. The intellectual gap had widened, and what used to be a resentment based on tangible things like money and feudal ties, became a lack of resentment (far more dangerous), but rather a miraculous coordinated mechanism, and the manipulation and engineering of so called Social consensus.

Yes, democracy has always been a parody, a cruel joke, but that’s about it.

Let us look at your class for example: the incident involving a young Chinese woman, sufficiently americanized to be considered a person with

‘worthwhile opinions’, with this ‘freedom of speech’, infuriated over the free sharing of ideas and concepts that she did not understand and had self-proclaimedly, no interest in understanding.

“Look, you may be more intelligent than the rest of us, but I’m just here because I need this class to graduate, I don’t really care otherwise, so I’d appreciate if you would remain silent.”

And of course, what Socialist would not sympathize with her? A weak, feeble, egocentric stooge, with illusions of grandeur. Fascism of the mob. Repression of freethinking. Suppression of progress. Perpetuation of an impossible, absurd, and unconscionable Utopia.

Indeed, I believe Socrates once said, “The Greatest Inequality is to attempt make unequal things equal.”

So what about Globalization? What about this so called ‘Neoliberal’ phenoena. Well, there is nothing ‘Neo’ in neoliberal. The attempt to create freemarket zones, global regulation, have been going on for over 200 years now.

All you need to do is examine the French Revolution, Napoleonic Wars, and the Empire of Baron Rothschild. Afterall, who remembers the bull market of London in the 1800’s during Napoleon’s wars? Certainly not South American activists.

So there must be something deeper in the study of Globalization, something more profound, more compelling, and more sophisticated than the sad tinkerings of mediocre IMF economists whom Joseph Stiglitz calls rightfully ‘Third class graduates from First class Universities’.

You see, Mediocrity is a very useful asset to have if you want to create accelerated entropy. For one, Mediocrity is easy to control: it is loyal to its benefactors, extremely so.

In fact, the hidden directors of IMF would never in their right mind listen to brilliant economists such as Peter Orszag. Brilliance is a threat to the perpetuation of policy that demands the mistakes of a Mediocre middle-management group (the ‘upper management’ in this case, is roughly about 2,000-5,000 handpicked elite that control and coordinate the hidden destiny of this crazy World, what that destiny is, is the question we should be asking, and even then, ceratainly not in public, lest we be murdered by the same French mob that wants to murder anyone that dare illuminate it beyond its intellectual and class means: do you remember for instance, Emile Zola and the Dreyfuss case?

It is thus obvious that Neoliberalism is doomed to fail, just like the Weimar Republic failed, that is, before National Socialism replaced it.

Dear Doctor, you’ll have your wish. A collapse is imminent. But what comes after it is the great question of our times. I hope it is a question that has a reply for your Students and for you and also for me. Know that I have made it the unwavering goal of my life to answer that question, by becoming that answer.

Meanwhile we endure suppression of insight and intelligence: it continues shamelessly, in infinite anecdotes. Our best young minds, our Enlightened Leaders, our young visionaries are systematically persecuted by this mediocre, useless, 2nd. tier management systems everywhere working alongwith a complicit bourgeoisie, mechanical drones, suffering from a moral cowardice, doomed therefore to self-inflicted extinction.

While it is your choice to punish students who disagree with your adopted views (though we do respect you and feel affectionate towards your eccentric habits), Students who also disagree with moral degenerates, with sex addicts, with robot consumers, with mass homogenization, with shameful repression and persecution of talent, with misapplied fascism (it is not right for slaves to pretend to be masters, for their own sake);

While it is your choice to fail them on exams, to refuse to talk to them, to refuse to sit down and discuss with the Legitimately Troubled, Sensitive, Compassionate, and Intelligent Minds in your classroom: the exclusive,minority presence;

While it is your choice to patronize them with an uninformed assumption of a greater station; please bear in mind, we will continue to endure, and Our Struggle, Wir leidenschaftlich Kampf, Nos Pasiones, shall, over our dead bodies, usher the fruits of a New World Order, overseen by an Enlightened, Effective, Compassionate, Progressive, Energetic, Non-Partisan Leadership; one without Illusions, one affiliated with the Arcane origins and the compelling destiny of this Human Race, of which we are at the end of this day and of all other days, Cosmic Citizens.

In Sincerity,

Abhirup Roy

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”~<b> Albert Einstein

“Much education today is monumentally ineffective. All too often we are giving young people cut flowers when we should be teaching them to grow their own plants.“~ John W. Gardner

“There is a fountain of youth: It is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring in your life and the lives of people you love“~ Sophia Loren

“I have no country to fight for; my country is the earth, and I am a citizen of the world.” ~Eugene V.Debs

“Those who produce should have, but we know that those who produce the most – that is, those who work hardest, and at the most difficult and most menial tasks, have the least.” ~Eugene V.Debs

Alexander Rai