Ousting Don Rumsfeld

by on November 11th, 2003

From the arena of ridiculous politics comes this.

A group of more than two dozen House of Representatives Democrats on Monday said they had introduced a resolution urging President Bush (news – web sites) to fire Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

“This resolution would make official what so many members of Congress already believe — that the soldiers in Iraq (news – web sites) and America’s foreign policy would be helped greatly if Donald Rumsfeld would leave,” Rep. Charles Rangel of New York said in a statement.

A question for Congressman Rangel: If “so many members of congress . . . [wish] Rumsfeld would leave,” why aren’t they supporting the resolution? Twenty-five seems like such a small number, even among House Democrats.

The troughs of bitter partisan politics never disappoint. And neither does Charlie Rangel.

Etalkinghead Staff