Pakistan president attacked by terrorists

by on December 26th, 2003

For the second time in 11 days, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf lived through yet another attempt on his life.

“I was returning home after attending a meeting in Islamabad when two suicide bombers attacked our motorcade near the place where the first attempt on my life was made (on Dec. 14),” he said. “First a car, with suicide bombers, rammed into the motorcade and exploded. When moved a little ahead, another car, also with suicide bombers, attacked the motorcade. Both cards exploded on impact.

Undoubtedly, the attacks have been stepped up because of what Islamic extremists perceive as increased cooperation with the West. Two days ago, Pakistan’s government decided to crack down on scientists helping rogue nations toward nuclear capabilities. There should be no doubt that terrorist perceptions that Pakistan’s actions are more friendly with the United States than with the rest of the Arab world are at play. Whether or not it’s a reality is debatable, but the implications of such a perception are readily apparent. Even Musharraf alluded to as much in a statement after the attacks.

“They were terrorist, extremists and misguided people. I do not want to pinpoint anyone,” he said. “I will only say that these are misguided people who are giving a bad name not just to Pakistan but also to our religion Islam and are harming the ummah (the international Muslim community).”

And with statements like that, it looks like the Pakistani government isn’t caving to terrorists anytime soon. Good.

Etalkinghead Staff