Pakistan’s president vows to eliminate al Qaeda

by on March 27th, 2004

Asked if he sure that he would get bin Laden and Zawahiri before they get him, Musharraf said he could not be 100 percent sure. “I mean I am quite loose at my security. But I believe in destiny, and since we have unearthed so much, I’m sure things will be all right. I am very sure we will eliminate al Qaeda from our region,” he said.

Asked whether Zawahiri was in the areas surrounded by Pakistan forces and escaped or was he never there, Musharraf said he had never named him. “Actually, this word ‘high-value target’ originated with me. I did say that because of the fierceness with which they were defending, I’m not at all sure that it was Zawahiri,” he added.

Etalkinghead Staff