Patriot Act confusion

by on November 16th, 2003

Reader Michael Boyko thinks that my Patriot Act Showcase entry falls into the ‘1984’ trap.

Have you read 1984? I’d say calling something that infringes upon our civil liberties the “Patriot Act” is a blatent and intentional misuse of language. Yeah, the democratic senators who voted for it were stupid, but they were also scared of seeming “unpatriotic.” This misuse of language is at the heart of Orwell’s book. And so, in this way, it was a partisan power grab. A way to scare people into agreeing with you, at least on paper, or in the voting booths. It’s called manipulation. People do it all the time. Are you not aware of this phenomenon?

I feel my reply and his comment to be important enough to repost as its own entry.

Michael, aside from your petty and condescending rhetoric, you’re engaging in a mighty spin effort.

Patriot (n): One who loves and defends his or her country.

Whatever you think of the infringement of civil liberties due to the Patriot Act, patriotism deals with the protection and love for one’s country.

I’d suggest picking up a dictionary next time.

According to his logic, anarchists must be the most patriotic of them all.

Etalkinghead Staff