Paul Hackett drops out of Senate race, politics

by on February 14th, 2006,2933,184811,00.html

CINCINNATI — Iraq war veteran Paul Hackett, a Bush administration critic who had been recruited by top Democrats to run for U.S. Senate, said Tuesday he was dropping his campaign and declared his political career over.

Hackett said he was pressured by party leaders to drop out of the Senate primary and run for the House instead.

National Democratic leaders, especially Sen. Charles Schumer, chairman of the Senate campaign committee, had told Hackett’s top fundraisers to stop sending money, Hackett told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

“My donor base and host base on both coasts was contacted by elected officials and asked to stop giving,” Hackett said. “The original promise to me from Schumer was that I would have no financial concerns. It went from that to Senator Schumer actually working against my ability to raise money.”

Schumer, who represents New York, was not immediately available for comment.

Etalkinghead Staff