Pentagon’s Iraq version correct

by on November 10th, 2003

Since Aakash posted a somewhat lengthy comment, I feel obligated to reply in part.

As I’ve been saying recently, the situation in Iraq right now is truly awful, as many people – conservatives, liberals, war supporters, and war opponents – have acknowledged. A lot of mistakes were made (by our government leaders) in this operation, and we are seeing some of the results of that.

Granted, the situation in Iraq is not all roses–the administration has never said it is–but there is definitely an imbalance in the media that is shaping public opinion; more bad news than good is making its way onto the front pages of newspapers and the evening news.

Democratic Congressman Jim Marshall also agrees with this assessment after having visited Iraq recently.

In an editorial printed in The Washington Post, his opinion is that the “Pentagon’s version [of the situation in Iraq] is far closer to reality” than what we are being shown by the media.

The way I see it, most of the “mistakes” of the Bush administration can be chalked up to disingenuous reporting. While the reports from Iraq are factually correct, much of the media is–as the old saying goes–missing the forest for the trees. The bad trees, that is.

Etalkinghead Staff