Police cited for not returning pot

by on January 19th, 2004

Last time I checked, federal law trumps state or local law. But don’t tell that to the town of Hayden, Colorado, where police officers have been cited for following the law (federal), but at the same time not following the law (state).

The officers were cited after 2 ounces of usable marijuana and smoking pipes were not returned to Hayden resident Don Nord, 57, who has a medicinal marijuana license.

The conflict stems from a Colorado law allowing medicinal use of marijuana, which directly contradicts federal law. But, as we all know, the authority of federal law supersedes state law; conflicts naturally defer to federal law. And you’d expect a judge to know better, right?

The drugs and equipment were ordered to be returned by a county judge.

But I highly doubt it’s ignorance. Judges these days are all too willing to interject politics into their decisions. This Hayden judge is no exception.

Etalkinghead Staff