Political Observations: Lieberman & Albright

by on July 6th, 2006

Senator Lieberman & the Purchase of Political Power

The incremental political isolation that Senator Lieberman has been subjected to must seem to a three-term party stalwart as something of a Kafkaesque dream. Threatened with the ultimate political calumny–party expulsion–Mr. Lieberman has begun to collect the 7,500 signatures he would need to file as an Independent. A disheartening testimony to a party gone awry.

To compound the acuity of his injury, former running mate Al Gore disingenuously refused to endorse him in the primary. Noting that Mr. Lieberman is a friend, he stated he doesn’t endorse primary candidates–except when it was Howard Dean in the last presidential election. Falling into liberal political lockstep was Senator John Kerry, who also declined to endorse Mr. Lieberman. These fissures in the Democratic Party are forming across the nation and it portends a political fallout of seismic proportions.

On the other side of the equation, Mr. Lieberman’s primary opponent, Ned Lamont, is a political tyro who, not surprisingly, is a multi-millionaire. It’s been well documented that while Republican campaign contributions average $60 per person, Democratic contributions are many times that amount. Indeed, it’s the 527s that provided political purchase in the last election but no amount of cash could overcome the party’s determination to lose.

Political implosions aren’t a pretty sight and watching the Democrats unwittingly at work on a ballistic device that will effectively hoist them on their own petard is no exception.

Madeline Albright on Larry King Live

As further evidence that appeasers transcend time and common sense, Wednesday evening on Larry King Live, Madeline Albright stated that we shouldn’t make fun of North Korea for its Taepodong 2 missile failure because it “just eggs them on.”

That gem recalls Neville Chamberlain’s ominous statement when asked, in 1937, whether Britain would confront Hitler. Mr. Chamberlain responded that he wouldn’t want to “anger Herr Hitler.”

The childlike simplicity that her comment conjures reflects the epitome of the left’s utter incapacity to look evil in the eye. Indeed, they don’t stare down the enemy they look past it, because for them it truly doesn’t exist–until it spontaneously strikes with such a barbarous ferocity that it momentarily shocks them to a fully awakened state. At that point, which was last documented after 9/11, they register horror and disbelief at the profound savagery of the enemy. Concurrently, they cast a deep, self-indicting inward glance, convinced as they are that we must have done something to provoke them.

So it is with our former Secretary of State whose track record with North Korea is, to be charitable, spotty. The question is, which political soothsayers are the Democratic candidates listening to?

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Philip Mella