Poll: Iraqis divided on war

by on April 28th, 2004


BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — Nearly half the Iraqis polled in a survey conducted primarily in March and early April said they believed the U.S.-led war had done more harm than good, but 61 percent of respondents said Saddam Hussein’s ouster made it worth any hardships.


Nearly half — 47 percent — said they believed attacks against U.S. forces in Iraq could not be justified, while 52 percent said those attacks could be justified some or all of the time.

Thirty-three percent of those polled said the war had done more good than harm, while 46 percent said it had done more harm than good.

Forty-two percent said Iraq was better off because of the war, while 39 percent said it was worse off. Given the sampling error, those figures indicated a dead heat.

On a personal level, Iraqis appeared more optimistic, according to the poll. More than half of those surveyed — 51 percent — said they and their families were better off than they were before the invasion, while 25 percent said they were worse off.

Etalkinghead Staff