Protesters boo Bush at Dr. King’s grave

by on January 19th, 2004

Today is the day we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. But to some of President Bush’s detractors, it’s just another 24 hours in which to celebrate anti-Bush day. Who knew?

Last Friday, President Bush visited Dr. King’s grave amid boos and chanting.

In New Orleans, more than 100 demonstrators chanted “Down with Bush” from behind barricades a block away from the D-Day Museum, site of the Bush fund-raiser. Many protesters wore T-shirts with the words “one-term president.” An effigy of Bush was set afire and had to be stamped out by police.

I won’t discuss the merits of conservative or liberal policies on race here–that’s for another time and another post–but for protesters to show up and jeer a man who wanted nothing more than to honor the memory of a great civil rights leader is unspeakable; their protest turned the benign event into a divisive political rally.

To make matters worse, President Bush was accompanied by family members of the deceased leader.

Escorted by Coretta Scott King and Christine Farris, King’s sister, Bush placed a wreath before King’s tomb, bowed his head in prayer briefly and departed.

The protesters should be ashamed.

Etalkinghead Staff