Reagan Attacked by UK Guardian

by on June 6th, 2004

Probably no more than 24 hours after the death of Ronald Reagan was announced, long before any funeral arrangements had been finalized, when admirers were still in a confusion of shock and sadness and loss, the UK Guardian launched a snide attack on his memory. Peter Preston writes of Ronald Reagan as an old dunce of a man unworthy of praise since he didn’t do anything to change the world. He wasn’t bright, he wasn’t brilliant. He just happened to be around when the world changed.

“Hokum squared” is what Preston calls Ronald Reagan’s reputation, insulting all those that have loved and admired Reagan. His piece is devoid of any respect for the dead or for those in mourning. And Preston concludes by stating that the love and admiration are based on myth and, not hiding his hatred, he blames the people who believe the “myth” for making “George W possible.”

Peter Preston’s attack is crass and uncultured, as are the editors of the UK Guardian, who could have allowed a proper and appropriate funeral and mourning period to transpire before continuing their usual leftist ranting.

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Mike Pechar