RNC ad enrages Democrats

by on November 24th, 2003

Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle asks the Republican National Committee to pull an advertisement that accuses Democrats of “attacking the president for attacking the terrorists.”

“It’s wrong. It’s erroneous, and I think that they ought to pull the ad,” Daschle told NBC’s “Meet the Press” program on Sunday.

While I don’t think the RNC should pull the ad because they have a right to run it, I do think it’s distasteful. Equating the actions of some Democrats with pro-terrorist stances is very misleading.

“We all want to defeat terrorism,” the South Dakota senator said. But “to chastise and to question the patriotism of those who are in opposition to some of the president’s plans I think is wrong.”

Usually, I find myself in disagreement with Mr. Daschle. But on this one he’s right. Partisanship has gone too far, and accusing Democrats of fighting against the fight against terrorism is pure political posturing.

Whether their actions are hurtful to the fight against terrorism, however, is another story.

Etalkinghead Staff