Saddam-bin Laden link hits the big time

by on November 20th, 2003

Almost a week after first appearing in the current issue of The Weekly Standard, a possible Saddam-bin Laden link is finally getting the attention it deserves.

The New York Times discusses it here, as does The Washington Post here. But they’re too busy with playing the significance of the revelation down, saying the memo contains raw data that should not be drawn to conclusions

The author of the original article elaborates a bit here, challenging the idea that the report contained no analysis.

The part of the memo dealt with in the [original] article was called “Summary of Body of Intelligence Reporting on Iraq-al Qaeda Contacts (1990-2003),” and it contains passages in bold and in normal typeface. A note at the bottom of the first page reads: “All bolded sentences contain information from intelligence reporting. Unbolded sentences represent comments/analyses.”

Seems like analysis to me.

Etalkinghead Staff