SCOTUS Considers Cruelty of Execution

by on March 30th, 2004

The Supreme Court of the United States is hearing an appeal of the case of the humaneness of executing David Larry Nelson by lethal injection. As a long-time drug user, Nelson’s veins are so damaged it may not be possible to start an intravenous line without making deep cuts into flesh and muscle. The appeal contends that execution in this manner would be unconstitutionally cruel. According to a report in the Cleveland Plain Dealer,

A group of doctors had said in court papers that if done improperly, the procedure could cause Nelson to hemorrhage badly and suffer heart problems before the deadly drugs kill him. [Emphasis mine.]

Somehow, somebody thinks that the resolution of this “cruelty” case is worth paying truckloads of taxpayer dollars to lawyers while taking up the valuable time of the Supreme Court.

I don’t.

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Mike Pechar