Something to consider

by on October 26th, 2007

Iran has been saying for some time now, that they would love to see the end of the United States as well as Israel, a close ally to the US. Furthermore, Iran has stated that “soon, the world will witness the destruction of the Zionist regime”.

These statements are hard to ignore considering the advancing programs of Iran’s nuclear ambitions that is only aided (if not started) by the Russians. Iran says that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. I personally find that hard to believe considering the fact that they undermine American forces everyday by training and supplying insurgents, hold weekly rallies in where the primary message is “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”.

Iran has stated that the war is coming and their nation is acting accordingly. Men, women, and children are preparing for the US invasion that Iran themselves are provoking. So they should prepare because they only continue to advance their nuclear ambitions while the United States is doing everything it can to reduce the number of nuclear weapons around the world. Iran is a severe issue no matter which way you cut the butter. This can be recognized if you listen to the words of their leaders that are defiant in the face of UN and US sanctions and things of the sort. I could go on about Iran for days….

But then the issue becomes the alliances with Iran. It’s obvious that Russia has theirs but what about those alliances that hit a little closer to home? Ones that we do business with… like China.

Recently, the United States initiated some of the most stringent sanctions on Iran since 1979. These sanctions prohibit Americans from doing business with any Iranian entity and encourage other nations and businesses to follow suit.

China is a key ally for Iran. But China warned that sanctions could increase tensions over Iran’s nuclear program. Interesting words considering the gravity of the situation. China isn’t exactly an ally of the United States. You might recall the fact that several times over the last 10 years; China has been buying US military and intelligence secrets from double ops. In 2003, the Asia times commented on the belief that China and the United States are in some sort of secret Cold War. Remember all of the scandals involving a US President between 1996 and 2000 that all involved China?

So let’s briefly evaluate the allies of these two nations. The list includes nations like Russia, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, and Cuba. Russia has recently admitted to stepping up its military operations to that of the Cold War era and recently made some type of nuclear pact with Iran in secret.

I might remind you that Syria was caught red handed with North Korean nuclear equipment and materials AFTER North Korea said they would bow out of the nuclear race.

And finally, between Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, and Iran, they have all stated that a massive crush of the United States would be seen in our life time.

George Washington told us that it is easier to keep an enemy from posting up than it is to dislodge them from that post. Rather than looking at each situation as its own little incident, I encourage you to look at the big scheme.

We have an enormous issue heading our way in my opinion. But instead of burying our heads in the sand and just trying to avoid this situation, we need stand up and be prepared. We can no longer afford to falter on our principles. I think we have done that for far too long. Furthermore, we can no longer afford to allow other nations to make US policy.

Iran is the catalyst. Unfortunately, they are setting the stage and all we are doing is ceasing to do business with them. Meanwhile, they continue to grow, they continue to taunt, and they continue to prepare.

Lastly, we are allowing people in our own congress to tarnish relations with our much needed allies. We need to stop this before it’s too late. Don’t give weight to their words as much as you do their actions. George Washington warned us to Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism. We need to open up our eyes. We need to consider the results of these problems if we don’t.

David Robertson