Strong economy will help Bush in 04

by on January 20th, 2004

After a couple weeks of delay, my latest is up at The UCSD Guardian. It’s about the economy, and the implications certain economic indicators will have for Bush’s reelection.

The year 2003 showed us many things. We saw a war in Iraq, a California recall and Democratic infighting for who will take on President George W. Bush in 2004. We also saw a dictator captured, a shuttle disaster and learned about a new disease called SARS. […]

The number-one economic indicator: where are the Dems on the economy? They’re hardly following President Bill Clinton’s famous axiom, “It’s the economy, stupid,” choosing instead to harp about difficulties in Iraq. And because presidential elections are famous for deciding themselves on matters economic, Bush seems a shoe-in for the White House. Democratic silence on the matter is reason enough to know the economy is on the rebound, and the best economic indicator of all can be said to be the inverse of the number of times an opposition party discusses the economy.

Following a recession that began in late 2000 under Clinton, the tech-bubble bust of the late 1990s, 9/11 and a war in Iraq, the American economy has started to pick itself up as Democrats keep tight lips. And we have the Bush tax cuts that put money back into the hands of spenders to thank. … [more]

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Etalkinghead Staff