Study shows blogs up in 2004

by on January 4th, 2005

A new study shows that weblog (blog) readership and production were both up dramatically in 2004, becoming mainstream netizen activities — but what’s in a name?

The study — from The Pew Internet & American Life Project — makes a strong case that blogs are becoming part of the daily internet fare of millions, but that many millions more still have no idea what a “blog” is at all.

The study was greeted with some skepticism by bloggers themselves, who tended to say the numbers of respondents in the study claiming to make regular visits to blogs weren’t showing up in website usage statistics — especially in the absence of major events such as the Boxing Day tsunami or the last US presidential election.

Which raised the question: Did the Pew respondents even know what a “blog” was?

Apparently so — and the answer should hold special significance for any potential advertiser thinking about buying space on a blog.

Etalkinghead Staff