Support for Iraq war high

by on December 19th, 2003

Contrary to the reporting of some media outlets, which would rather point out protests and opposition to the Iraq war, support for ridding the world of Saddam and liberating the Iraqi people has always been high. Robert Kagan makes the point that support for the war has been rather high all year, falling to 50 percent only once.

According to CNN’s polls this year, only once has support for the Iraq war fallen as low as 50 percent, despite the steady stream of relatively bad news.

Now, support stands at a 2-1 margin in favor of the war. And Bush’s approval rating on foreign policy stands at a healthy 63 percent. Listening to Howard Dean, you’d think they were down in the 20s, and that Dean had a monopoly on the opinions of Americans. Maybe that’s why Dean is polling 25 points behind Bush in New Hampshire.

Etalkinghead Staff