Teresa Heinz Kerry

by on April 26th, 2004

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette comes this story which presents a brief profile of John Kerry’s wife. Born in Mozambique, schooled in South Africa and Europe, she is described as having an intense hatred for communism.

Teresa Heinz had come to despise communism with a particular poignancy. The home on which she was raised in Mozambique, an idyllic, rambling place where she climbed trees and watched the Indian Ocean, was taken from the Simoes-Ferreira family by the Marxist regime that seized power after the Portuguese pulled out. Her father and mother, like thousands of others, simply fled.

“They lost everything,” Heinz Kerry says. “I know how communists work. And you don’t want to be there. I know how socialists think: they mean very well, but generally speaking, they squelch a lot of good competitive principles as well as market forces.”

OK, if this is true and she hates communism and socialism, why does she consistently give millions of dollars to communist and socialist front organizations through the Tides Foundation? A blatant example is Adbusters. Funded by the Tides Foundation (see here), Adbusters describes itself as a communist organization (see here).

The whole excerpt from the profile is either a lie or Teresa Heinz Kerry is not paying attention to where her contributions are actually going. You make the call.

Mike Pechar