Terrorists cornered in Madrid

by on April 3rd, 2004

Fox News reports on a report out of Spain that a Madrid building has been bombed. Following the recent terrorist attacks in Madrid last month, many are no doubt thinking terrorist ties. And because an Islamic militant related to the earlier attacks threatened to blow up the very same building in question, terrorist connections seem to be evident.

But it seems to be a terrorist-napping stake-out gone wrong.

However, the bomb found aboard a Spanish high-speed rail line yesterday does seem to have terrorist implications.

Spanish Interior Minister Angel Acebes told news agencies that the rail bomb and the terrorist bombings that rocked Madrid last month were made of the same type of explosives.

“It’s the same type of explosives and the same brand,” he said.

Because of their victory in Spain in effecting a change of government through the use of terrorist activities, the terrorists are pressing on. And because they won once, they’re emboldened to win again, making demands through the bombing of innocents.

Even Feds in America are worried, hiking up transit to “code yellow-plus.”

Amtrack even went so far as to issue a statement about railroad terrorism.

“It should not be considered unusual that the FBI should issue this kind of a bulletin in the wake of what occurred in Madrid last month,” they said.

And the latest attempt to bomb Spanish rail should further fuel American concerns. Let’s just hope we bring justice to the terrorists before they bring the terrorism to us.

Update: It appears that the explosion was the result of a “you’re not going to take us alive” stunt.

Etalkinghead Staff