The Führer’s Sex Appeal: The powerful allure of dictatorships

by on June 12th, 2005

Adolf Hitler was indubitably the sexiest man in Germany, at least between the years 1933-1941, when Germany redefined modernity with its weltanschauung, with such potent concepts as Geopolitik, Blitzkrieg, Autarky, and a vehement and unfettered polemic of Aryanism.

Blonde haired, blue eyed Hun mädchens liberally flung themselves before the commanding and seductive allure of the führer in his motorcade, with glazed eyed ecstasy, reminiscent of the admiration enjoyed by certain Yankee movie stars and public performers.

In the movie “Europa, Europa” directed by an acclaimed Polish director Agnieszka Holland, a Jewish teenager by the name of Salomon Perel, travels across a mesmerizing war torn landscape concealed as an elite Aryan Hitler Jugend initiate.

Salomon is in a coach with a staunch supporter of the NSDAP, a buxom, blonde, German frau in her 40’s with a racing libido. The woman seduces Salomon, a dark haired “Aryan” teen, in an invitation to fornicate with her.

In orgasmic spurts, the frau moans “Mein Führer!”, “Mein Führer!” apparently role-playing the fantasy of procuring an intimate rendezvous with the most coveted penis in Germany.

What is it about dictators that attract the fantasies of the masses? And what kind of fantasies are these?

The wielding of sheer power, having a retinue of fanatical supporters, and strident doctrines and promises: Songs charged with fervor, nationalistic in nature invoking the virtues of sacrifice, blood, earth and obedience.

Posters that depict man in his idealized attributes: sharp featured, resolute, and strong.

In this part of the world and in this part of the millennia, promissory campaigns, charismatic resolve, sensation, and playboy magazines, and bitter-sweet-sour pop music are equally potent, and their following, quite ardent.

Consider for instance someone like Ann Coulter, or on another vein, Paris Hilton. I believe it was Esquire magazine that nominated the president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai as something like the “Sexiest man in the world” in tribute to his raised wool hat, silken garb, disarming smile, and polished manners.

The attraction to such symbols is encoded in our basal natures from which we are evolving at varying paces through the extrapolation and transposition of reason and higher instincts.

In that process, we are biologically attuned to admire, covet, and worship that which we believe to be vastly superior: whether this entity is good or evil is irrelevant, as it is the idea of superiority that holds us rapturously to our praying rugs.

In the animal world a basic order is created within the species by following the ablest amongst its members. Back in the days of spears and mastodons the “ablest” member would be required to be endowed with both a higher than average intellectual and a physical capacity. Today, that intellectual and physical capacity is constantly brought to light to assess our best pop singers and politicians.

Ann Coulter is hailed as being “very sexy and very intelligent” by her followers (a notable portion of whom includes beer guzzling, under-40 perverts with political pretensions). Where in just about every election, public perceptions of candidate intelligence and ‘dash’ are considered to be the greatest determining factors, second only to the votes of the Electoral College.

For instance, the media has always compared traits of intelligence between Bush v. Gore, and Bush v. Kerry (Interestingly, in the case of the latter, proved by recently released college transcripts, both Kerry and Bush shared identical grade point averages at Yale).

We want our Führer to lead us, feed us, and care for us. But what if the Fuhrer is shooting up cocaine behind the oration podium? Hitler certainly was.

Hitler’s physician Dr. Morrell injected him with heavy doses of a quack cocktail of protein, sugar pills, amphetamine and other substances called ‘Vitamultin’ that no doubt impacted Der Führer’s wartime decisions- such as in Stalingrad, and then again in Normandy.

A modern equivalent for this analogy is secret corruption, scandals, botox, and mental dysfunction that plague our “American Idols”.

As long as there are those of us that yearn for material fulfillments such as bread, bombs, brooms, boots, and buicks, and the uncontested ability to get them (power); Führers will always be sexy, and fascism in its fashionable and subliminal forms always remain in vogue.

Alexander Rai